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I joined the TUSD Board three years ago, because of my concern for the inadequate preparation of many students entering the University of Arizona. I have promoted, often against strong resistance, many of the changes which are creating the foundation for TUSD's future success. It is critical to increase transparency and accountability, to build on existing strengths, and to make achievement for all students the top priority. I am committed to restoring TUSD’s historical position as one of Arizona’s best districts.

My management experience in the private sector and position as a professor of economics in the Eller College of Management give me the expertise to help TUSD compete. My procurement initiatives have saved TUSD millions of dollars without reducing benefits or services.

Our students’ and our nation’s future depends on restoring the strength of American public education. Please help me to keep the momentum for change in TUSD.

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50-Point Blueprint to Improve TUSD
If elected, Mark will improve the Tucson Unified School District in a variety of ways, including; efficiency, organization, standards, and community involvement.

Read Mark's 50-Point Blueprint to Improve TUSD


Arizona Daily Star Endorses Mark Stegeman.
"Stegeman immerses himself in the details of issues - he is an economist, after all - and he does not come to positions without a great deal of research and thought. He is not afraid to be unpopular, and we think that while his approach may aggravate other board members and TUSD employees, it ultimately benefits kids."

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San Ingatio Yaqui Council Endorses Mark Stegement
Mark is grateful for the endorsement of the San Ignatio Yaqui Council, representing the Old Pascua neighborhood.


Draft Resolution concerning 8th grade promotion. (The issuance of the 8th grade promotion certificate should be based on attainment of nationally recognized standards for 8th grade achievement. On June 12th, the Board rejected it on a 2-2-1 vote; Grijalva and Sugiyama opposed; Cuevas abstained.)

Resolution concerning classroom spending.(This resolution was considered as an amendment to a resolution requesting budget information. The Board rejected it 2-3; Cuevas, Grijalva, and Sugiyama voted no.)

Resolution establishing a monthly volunteer award. (The Board approved this resolution 3-2; Cuevas and Sugiyama voted no.)

Resolution concerning retaliation. (The Board approved this resolution unanimously)

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