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Cutting expenses unrelated to education

Mark has relentlessly advocated for careful examination of administrative and operating expenses. He has voted against numerous consulting contracts for services that appear overpriced or that could be provided by TUSD’s own administrative staff. In a few cases, such as ending TUSD’s expensive membership in the National School Boards Association, Mark has succeeded.

Moving Forward

TUSD’s failure to make meaningful cuts in administrative expenses has been one of the most frustrating aspects of Mark’s first term. By any measure, TUSD’s administrative and out-of-classroom spending has increased through the period. Arizona’s Auditor General currently rates TUSD’s costs “high” or “very high” in most areas that it measures. That is the main reason that Mark voted against this year’s budget, and he recently proposed that the Board require that the percentage of TUSD’s classroom spending rise in steps to 55%. He will push hard to make progress in this area (Spending more money in classrooms).