Mark Stegeman’s “The First 100 Days”

Mark Stegeman 100 Day Plan

(1) LISTEN TO FAMILIES, EMPLOYEES, AND TAXPAYERS. (a) assess needs and concerns of employee groups, through anonymous surveys; (b) conduct 360° evaluations of all departments; (c) form internal and external working groups on specific issues; (d) ask the community for suggestions.

(2) BRING ORDER TO CLASSROOMS. Support teachers’ statutory rights to remove disruptive students. Give principals more options for progressive discipline for repeat offenses. Provide regular training in fair and effective classroom management.

(3) REDUCE TEACHER VACANCIES AND TURNOVER. by adopting annual stipends for special education and other positions that are hard to fill or require special certification, and for teaching at challenging schools.

(4) REDUCE K-1 CLASS SIZES. The first years of school set critical foundations for literacy and success in learning.

(5) SET AGGRESSIVE CLASSROOM SPENDING TARGETS. and restore public disclosure of how the instructional budget is spent. Higher classroom spending can fund smaller class sizes, higher teacher salaries, and adequate resources including textbooks and supplies.

(6) STREAMLINE THE TOP LEVEL OF ADMINISTRATION. Internal and external review will guide changes in the organizational chart, for directors and above, including elimination of unnecessary positions.

(7) GIVE SCHOOLS MORE FREEDOM. in resource allocation, by giving principals a discretionary budget, a fixed amount plus an amount for each additional student above a base level.

(8) REVIEW AND IMPLEMENT RECOMMENDATIONS FROM MANAGEMENT AUDITS. that the current board majority has mostly ignored. These recommendations can improve effectiveness and reduce costs.

(9) IMPROVE FINANCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY. by restoring the independence of the audit committee, hiring an internal auditor who reports to the board, and making all department and school budgets public before the Board approves the budget.

(10) STRENGTHEN MIDDLE SCHOOL OPTIONS. by restarting the plan to attach an open- admission high-standards middle school to University High School. The current board stopped the plan initiated by the 2012 board and has offered no alternative.

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