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Opposition to a bad 2010 network procurement and support for its eventual cancellation and rebid

The 2010 wide-area network procurement contract had an amazing variety of serious problems but passed the Board on a 3-2 vote (Mark and Judy Burns dissenting). It eventually drew a negative letter from the state attorney general. Mark strongly advocated rebidding the contract, and this was completed in 2012. The new contract produces a new all-fiber network with higher service level guarantees, and it saves at least $350,000 per year, compared to the 2010 contracts.

The 2010 contracts led TUSD to buy much equipment which it is now tearing out and also delayed the upgrading of TUSD’s network. It is a classic example of failure of Board oversight.

Mark has opposed other flawed procurements, such as over $400,000 for the purchase of stand-alone time clocks (a fading technology). The Board approved the purchase on another 3-2 vote, but the contract was eventually cancelled after staff discovered that the clocks did not work well with TUSD’s software.